Black Arts Festival Events ’17


 Bridge Over Troubled Waters


“Sing it, Sister!” Showcase and Open Mic

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Queen’s Head Pub (45 Quincy Street)

Free admission

The objective of Sing It Sister this year is to recognize the achievements and voices of black women through their artistic qualities and creativity. We will use their talents to elaborate on the women who had huge, yet silent, impacts on the Civil Rights Movement and the ways in which we as a black community respond to the deaths or mistreatments of black women vs that of black men. We will declare that they be respected and recognized to be as human as the next person.


“Cultural Day”

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1-3 pm

Location: TBD


This event will focus on the mental health and diversity of the black community. We will incorporate arts and crafts elements into this event to allow us to destress and just be present with our creation. So often we are forced to multi-task and to forget what it means to just be present in the moment. This event will allow us to listen to the different, yet beautiful, backgrounds of the melanin that surrounds us. No longer will we allow the fact that someone is hailing from Africa or America or the Caribbean or Latin America or Canada be something that divides us. We will try to blur the lines of our diverse backgrounds with the common ground of being black in this country; however, we will also conserve the beauty that is our diversity.


Event Name: “Based on a True Story”

Friday, March 24, 2017

8-10 pm

Location: Lowell Lecture Hall


This event will be a compilation of the many stories of students on campus who have dealt with the effects of colorism, classicism, and the stigma of mental health in the black community. Rarely do these topics ever make its appearance in the conversations on campus. Yet the prevalence of these topics on the black community of Harvard and worldwide is vast. These topics lurk in the background and we continue to leave them there because if we show our brokenness, there is a sort of paranoia that we will not be taken seriously. However, in order for things to progress in the right direction, we must try not to put bandages on wounds that require stitches. We must stop fixing the symptoms and instead fix the actual problem. This production will not only include theatrical aspects but also aspects of visual art.


“Finding Solace in Your Art”

Sunday, March 26, 2017

1-4 pm

Location: TBD

Price: TBD

The objective is to learn how black celebrities and artists use their various platforms to speak out against the defilements of the black person in this country. This event will be  panel event in which we will prepare questions on the aforementioned objective and then have an open conversation with the audience members.