Sheldon K.X. Reid ’96, GSE ’98

Cindy Zeufack ’20

Hi everyone, I’m a senior in Pforzheimer House from Cameroon and Rockville, Maryland and I’m so honored to be serving as Kuumba’s President in its 50th year! I’m concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Social Anthropology. When I’m not in Kuumba you can find me volunteering with Health Leads, being a Peer Advising Fellow, leading tours, and watching anything Shondaland. I can’t wait to meet all of you and celebrate this amazing and important occasion!

Antonia Scott ’20
Vice President

I am a senior living in Kirkland House studying African American Studies on a pre-med track. When not at Kuumba rehearsal, you may find me onstage with Expressions and BlackCAST, or managing the Dorm Crew Office. Kuumba has given me a space to carve out community, explore my identity, and hone my skills as an artist over the years, so I cannot tell you how excited and honored I am to spend my final year at Harvard with my Kuumfam. Let’s keep leaving spaces than we found them, and I’ll see you at the 50th!

Camryn Turner ’21
Business Manager

Hey I’m Camryn! I am from Michigan and a junior currently living in Eliot House. I study the History of Science with a secondary in Education. When I am not in Kuumba, I enjoy engaging in public service, binge-watching tv shows, and napping! I am super excited to be on Kuumboard and I am looking forward to an amazing 50th year!

Randy St. Loius ’22

Hello, friends. My name is Randy St. Louis. I am a Sophomore living in Dunster House concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy hanging out with my fellow Kuumbabes and listening to music. I am so excited to be your treasurer for this upcoming year.

Toochi Uradu ’22
Recording Secretary

Hello! My name’s Toochi and I am the Recording Secretary! I am a sophomore living in Kirkland House intending to concentrate in Molecular/Cellular Biology with a citation in Spanish. When I’m not doing Kuumba-related things, you can catch me slaving over PSETs in Cabot,  binging a new Netflix show, or volunteering at Y2Y! I look forward to meeting all the new Kuumbabes this year.

Kaelyn Brown ’21
Corresponding Secretary

My name is Kaelyn Brown and I am a Junior in Lowell House concentrating in Neuroscience with a Secondary in Spanish and I am so happy to be Kuumba’s Corresponding Secretary! Kuumba has been an amazing part of my college career and I have always loved to sing and dance! I look forward to building a stronger connection with the choir and our wonderful alumni during my time as CorrSec and beyond!

Asa Coleman ’22

I’m a sophomore in Currier looking to studying anthropology. In my free time, I love watching my favorite Netflix show Queen of the South and cooking. As librarian, I’m looking forward to our 50th anniversary this year!

Ije Okereke ’22
Director of Publicity

Hi! My name is Ije Okereke and am so excited and honored the Director of Publicity this year! I am a sophomore living in Adams House, currently planning to study Statistics and Psychology. Outside of Kuumba, you can find me in the library, hanging out with friends, or exploring the greater Boston area!

Jessica Edwards ’21
Director of Development

My name is Jessica Edwards, and I’m a junior at Harvard studying Computer Science with a secondary in Education. Besides serving on Kuumba’s board as Director of Development, I am also involved in Harvard’s Women in Computer Science’s Advocacy committee, volunteer at the Y2Y Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, and am a member of Harvard College Faith and Action. I have loved singing for as long as I can remember, and I’m so happy to be a part of Kuumba because of its amazing energy, warm community, and abundance of black excellence and creativity.

Daniel Foster ’22
Musicians’ Representative

My name is Daniel Foster and I am a sophomore living in Adams House. Growing up in a Jamaican household on Long Island, from I have had a strong passion for learning about my culture and heritage. This passion led me to develop an interest in the social sciences and now, I plan to concentrate in Social Studies and African American Studies. In addition to serving Kuumba as its Musicians’ Representative, I am also the Vice President of the Harvard Caribbean Club and a mentor for the Black Men’s Forum’s David Walker Scholars Program. During my free time, I enjoy playing piano, binge watching YouTube videos, and bumping Afrobeats.


Isaiah Johnson ’20
Associate Director

Hi I’m Isaiah and I’ve been in Kuumba since my freshman fall. I’m a Senior living in Currier House and I’m concentrating in History and Literature with a secondary concentration in African American Studies. I joined Kuumba because my Auntie Kelley was in Kuumba back in the early 2000s and I grew up going to Kuumba concerts and being babysat in Lowell House. That being said, independently, what brought me to Kuumba was a desire to better understand my own identity as a Black person in America, as a descendant of slaves, and as a lover of Black music. Kuumba has helped me channel my own creativity through music, which is something that has always been important to me, but it has also connected me to a part of my family culture that I wasn’t surrounded by in the town I grew up in, which was primarily white and Asian. I am incredibly thankful for Kuumba and all of the opportunities it has given me.

Alex-Maree Roberts ’20
Black Arts Festival Chair

Hello everyone! I’m Alex-Maree and I grew up in the Commonwealth of Dominica. I’m a senior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard College with a secondary in Mind, Brain and Behavior. This my fourth year in Kuumba and I’m looking forward to curating an informative, inspiring and refreshing Black Arts Festival that will engage and challenge our black community!

Jade Woods ’22
50th Anniversary Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Jade, and I am one of Kuumba’s 50th Anniversary Co-Chairs. I’m in the class of 2022 and a proud resident of Pforzheimer House. I plan to concentrate in Government with a secondary in African and African American Studies. Outside of Kuumba, some of my interests CIVICS (a program at the Institute of Politics), reading, baking, and learning more about my African American heritage!


Gabriel Wadford ’21
Inclusivity Chair

Hey y’all! My name is Gabriel Wadford, and I’m from Saint Stephen, South Carolina. Currently, I am a junior living in Cabot House concentrating in History and Literature and African American Studies. Outside of Kuumba, I’m a pre-orientation program leader for the Harvard First-Year Outdoor Program and a student coordinator for the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, playing board/card games, and writing. I’m ecstatic to be serving on board during this monumental 50th year and can’t wait to create some Kuumba magic!