The Kuumba Singers of Harvard College 50th Anniversary Celebration: “Black Gold”


About the Theme

Black creativity has shaped our modern world. Crossing genres and media, its radiance cannot be contained. This artistry spans from the stunning stage presence of Beyonce and elegant language of Maya Angelou to the off-beat rhythms of young children learning to play the djembe. In all its complexity and simplicity, Black art captures the depth, strength, and joy that defines the Black experience. The persistent light of Black art is ever-resilient against the dark forces of white supremacy that consistently attempt to snuff it out.

The power and strength of Black artistry and creativity isn’t rooted in external validation. Through Black art, we forge our own glory, create our own beauty. Unlike diamonds, land, or oil, Black creativity is a limitless resource. From simple acts of self expression to bold works that spark revolutions, the radical brilliance of Black art is undeniable in any form. It overflows with the wealth of the African diaspora. It is, without question or qualification, Black Gold.

Black Gold: The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College seeks to magnify the presence of Black art on this campus and beyond. This year of programming will celebrate the art of students and superstars, entertainers and activists, and everyone in between. We will host performances, discussions, and tutorials that give people the space and opportunity to engage with unfamiliar art forms and connect with the broader Boston community. We will delve into the history that has shaped the African diaspora, specifically highlighting the emergence of Kuumba as an incubator of Black art on a campus that was not meant for people of color. This anniversary will be an unabashed celebration of how far we have come, and a deep meditation on how much further we must go to ensure Black art and Black students always remain valued at Harvard.


Jade Woods and Sarah Gutema

50th Anniversary Co-Chairs, 2019-2020