Black Arts Festival Events ’22

BAF 2022:

“Timeless: Black Art Never Dies”

Saturday, April 16

11: 00 AM – Harvard Art Museums Group Visit:

We will be visiting the Clay-Modeling African Design Exhibition to view the “artistic innovation and creativity in Africa as seen primarily through the traditions of ceramic arts from across the continent and over its long history. 

2:00 PM – Lunch at Oggi Gourmet

Following our museum visit, we will be having lunch at Oggi Gourmet, a Black-owned restaurant in Harvard Square. Join us as we support a Black-owned business and celebrate cooking as an art form. Learn more about Oggi Gourmet here!

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Sunday, April 17

11:30 AM – Film Screening at Lowell Movie Theater

On Sunday morning, we will be screening a film and celebrating the Black artists we have lost over the past year and their immeasurable impact on the world. We ask that attendees bring their favorite pieces and works from Black artists we have lost over the past year to share with everyone before the movie screening. Lunch will be provided. Sing up for the food screening and lunch here.

5:00 PM – Sing-It-Sister in Adams Upper Common Room 

Share your talents and join us as we celebrate and recognize the rich depth of art created by Black women and femmes throughout the ages. Sign up  to perform here!