Sheldon K.X. Reid ’96, GSE ’98

Adede Appah-Sampong ’23

My name is Adede Appah-Sampong, and I am so honored to be serving as Kuumba’s President for the 2021-2022 year. I am a Junior in Dunster House studying Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy and a citation in Spanish. I am thrilled to be coming back to campus, welcoming new and old Kuumbabes alike to our family. Kuumba has been such a formative part of my Harvard experience, and I am so grateful to be a part of this lifelong community. Outside of Kuumba, I’m a part of PBHA’s Franklin Afterschool Enrichment program, Harvard FIMRC, and peer counseling. I am looking forward to an incredible year!


Perrin Price ’23

My name is Perrin Price, and I am a junior in Adams House. I am concentrating in Applied Mathematics and pursuing a secondary in Music. I joined Kuumba because of my love of embracing and celebrating my Black heritage and culture, and my love of singing. I served as Assistant Director last year and I am excited to continue working on the board as vice-president. When I am not in Kuumba, I enjoy volunteering with the IOP’s Citizenship Tutoring program and working in the Admissions Office. I also enjoy cooking, writing and producing music, and going on evening walks. I am excited to reconvene this year back at Harvard and re-foster the Kuumba community on campus.


Maya Counter ’24

My name is Maya Counter, and I am your treasurer. I am a sophomore living in Dunster and am originally from Cambridge, Mass. I am unsure of what I want to study but am hoping to concentrate in Sociology. I love to paint, travel, and try new foods. I am so excited to explore singing and am honored to be a Kuumba member!


Ije Okereke ’23
Director of Publicity

My name is Ije, and I am a second-semester junior in Adams House. I’m concentrating in Neuroscience and pursuing a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy.  I have been involved with Kuumba since my Freshman year and it is by far the organization and experience that I am proudest of.  As far voice parts go, I’ve been a little all over the place! I’ve switched around a few times but I now reside comfortably in Tenor land. Outside of Kuumba, you might find me reading, making clothes, or skateboarding around Cambridge.


KemKem Ogbuefi ’24
Inclusivity Chair

My name is KemKem Ogbuefi and I am Kuumba’s Inclusivtiy Chair. I live in Dunster House and I am concentrating in Neuroscience. This is my first year in Kuumba and I sing as an Alto. Kuumba is one of the most welcoming spaces on campus and where I can most feel like myself. Everyone is so supportive of each other. I can always rely on rehearsals to brighten my mood. It is so rare to find such an amazing group of people in one place, and I feel so blessed to have found it this year!


Julian Handler ’24
Recording Secretary

My name is Julian Handler, and I am the Recording Secretary for Kuumba this year. I’m a sophomore living in Kirkland and concentrating in Integrative Biology. This is my second year with Kuumba as a bass, and “Can’t Give Up Now” is my favorite Kuumba song.