How will Kuumba make music this year?


Each Thursday, our rehearsals will be centered around learning music. These meetings will usually be structured with our Director or Assistant Director leading the classic Kuumba warm-ups and then vocal part breakout rooms led by Section Leaders to go over the music for the day. Virtual choir is substantially different from in-person choir, including the inability to sing together, however, we will still try to work together in going through the music.

Attending Thursday rehearsals, does not mean you have to commit to any virtual performance, Kuumbabes who are interested in being a part of any virtual performance of musical project should be in contact with our Director and Assistant Director. Join the Spring 2021 Kuumba Music Projects Facebook Group to keep up with the information regarding these projects and musical materials for rehearsals

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email our Assistant Director, Perrin Price, at